Cornelica, Town of Succubi 2

Type: Movie
Genre: Succubus, Bondage, Mind Control, Shota, Loli, Reverse Rape, Anal
Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)
Al is a young boy who is trapped in the succubi village of Cornelica. The resident succubi all want a taste of Al’s potent semen, but the headstrong, protective Lily has prevented him from being drained dry or enslaved. However, the colorful cast of succubi are always scheming of ways to get Al into their clutches. In this episode, Al has a titillating encounter with the sultry and seductive Hakura, who needs his assistance in replenishing the town’s milk supply. He also has an encounter with the sadistically inventive Arune. She needs help testing her latest invention.

I would also recommend watching the first episode in this series, as it contains plenty of femdom goodness as well! There are two more episodes planned to be released in March and April.

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