The Boys’ Track-and-field Club that became Foot-slaves

Type: Manga
Genre: Feet, Gangbang, Reverse Rape, Multiple Orgasms
Language: English
Pages: 29

Even though he just joined the boy’s track and field club, he was asked to represent the club in the race against the girls! His results were extremely impressive, running 100 meters in 10 seconds! The girl’s knew that he was going to win, so they came up with a naughty plan!

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3 years ago

I would love a “Losing” tag for this kind of content that involves a contest or a fight of some kind, I really like those and they are kinda hard to find

Reply to  Anon
2 years ago

True, do u by any chance know more stuff like this. I just love content where girls seduce boys to defeat them😁