Parade Buster

Parade Buster
Type: Game
Genre: Shota, Fighting, Gangbang, Older Women, Public Sex, Reverse Rape, RPG, Teasing,
Language: Japanese
File Size: 302 MB
If you love kariyume shota, then you will love this game! Experence battles from the perspective of a shonen sword fighter. All enemies are sexy women with animated movements. Ecchi attacks are animated as well. The swordplay of the protagonist is famously talented but, when it comes to sexy girls, he gets famously weak… they all know it!
[Total: 4   Average: 4/5]
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Some guy
Some guy
5 months ago
Overall Rating :

I love this game, but I think it’s an older version. It’s missing the bee girls, and the witch.

3 months ago

[…] is working on another game called HAGOKORO. It’s very similar to his previous game – PARADE BUSTER. So far, there is only a demo available and unfortunately it’s in Japanese. However, a […]

9 days ago

An instant classic from the famed studio Excessm.

6 days ago

I don’t know why but it’s not work. I played in this 15 minutes after that game start lag more and more until turned off by itself after that whenever I tried run it menu work good but after chose new game or continue game lagging from the start and turn off of course. I uninstall it and repack again but that wasn’t help. It’s not problem with my pc cause I have much better parameters than recomend. I also played this game 2 years ago on old pc and game work well. I tried change local and nothing helped.

5 days ago

man, i wish this was in english ):

Reply to  anon
3 days ago

I’ve an English version of the game. it’s deffo out there.