What does Hemdom mean?

Hemdom (pronounced Hem=dom not Ham-dum) is a shorter way of saying hentai femdom. It takes the first two letters of “hentai” and the last four letters of “femdom”. Together, it makes the word Hemdom.

hentai femdom = hemdom

The Origin of Hemdom

hemdom meaning

The word was created by me, and can be traced all the way back to ancient history (2018). I wanted to try creating a hentai femdom blog but I had to come up with something cool for the URL. Domain names like hentaifemdom.com or femdomblog.org weren’t available and seemed plain to me. So I made up my own word and BOOM… hemdomblog.com was created!

Now that I had a website, I needed a username to go by when I post on social media. Hemdomblog is a decent name but to make it sound more personable, I decided to go by Hemdom.

I also go by Hem sometimes, but try not to give me some weird nicknames. I’ve had people call me hemom or hemdommy which is just weird lol.