The Doskoinpo Collection

Type: Collection

Genre: Feet, Massive Breasts, Mind Break, Findom, Handjobs, Students, Tall Women

File Size: TBD (7 games, 26 doujins, 8 CG bundles)

Status: In Progress

Doskopinpo is an amazing femdom hentai artist, who has been around since 2013. He has released some amazing femdom hentai doujins, with a large percentage of them being translated. I’ve made it my goal to get this content to all of you, as he is a must-see artist if you’re into femdom.

This collection features a bunch of doujins, but there will also be games and CG bundles too!

Note: This collection is still in progress. Only individual posts by this artist are available at the moment. If you would like to see what the full collection will include, refer to page 2.

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1 year ago

Anyone know an english translation to the cg/illustrations? Or how to make one (maybe some online translator)? Especially 1) Men’s baseball club trampled 2) Welcome to the Skort Masturbation Club! 3) A Suitability Exam For Male Teachers Those look so hot but unfortunately I cant understand them