A Book of my Meluko Going Wild

Type: Manga

Genre: Ruined Orgasms, Bondage, Mind Break, Drugged

Language: English

Pages: 34

File Size: 12 MB

Meluko is supposed to be a servant, and our protagonist is her master. However, whenever she gets horny, his control over her is lost. This usually happens because she can see the future, finds out all the naughty things they do together and wants to re-enact them now!

She has the power to restrain movement, so he must endure anything that comes his way. I hope he makes it out in one piece!

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1 year ago

Wow, ruined orgasms in hentai are very rare. I wish there were more.

Edit: doesn’t seem like there’s any ruined orgasms at all but rather orgasm denial. The only hentai games that I know of that have ruined orgasms are ‘Lilith in Nightmare’ and ‘Virtual Succubus’. If anyone knows of any others that would be great.

Last edited 1 year ago by John
1 year ago
Overall Rating :

Bravo. Excellent artwork. Good storyline. Very hot. Encore.