Behind His Ambivalence

Type: Manga

Genre: Schoolgirl, Bondage, Reverse Rape, Feet, Blackmail, Yandere

Language: English

Pages: 28

File Size: 9 MB

After working hard to climb the ranks, you finally become a teacher at an all-girl school. The goal is to have sex with at least one of the students by the end of the year. Who would’ve thought you’d achieve it on your first day?

It was against your will and was done by some crazy yandere student. Tied up in front of her, all of your authority is gone… but why does it feel so good?

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1 year ago

Kinda retconned by the ending, but I really like the detail that the teacher was a lot more okay with the idea of a student-teacher relationship than an actual student-teacher relationship.

Everyone knows this already, but femdom and yandere complement each other incredibly well. Solid doujin, shame the artist doesn’t have any other femdom works.