Fighting Aggregation (English)

Type: Manga

Artist: Nanohana 800 (The Nation of Head Scissors)

Genre: Mixed Wrestling, Trampling, CBT, Head Scissor, Strap-on, Facesitting, Reverse Rape

Language: English

Pages: 150+

File Size: 190 MB

Six months ago, Minami became the idol of her school when she took down the top-ranked fighter. Their one-on-one match was broadcasted online and had sparked a lot of interest. She proved that girls could beat boys on a level field. As a result, the school’s fight club filled with new members, many of them girls.

This is a big problem for our protagonist, Yuuya. He is a member of the fight club and has had great success, until he started facing off against girls. The doujins in this series shows you many of his defeats. I hope you enjoy!

What is included:

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Vinho Diezel
Vinho Diezel
6 months ago

ser alguém tiver o arquivo do jogo em apk eu agradeço meu discord:Agiota#6088
eu acho que e assim depois eu vejo

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
3 months ago

This looks promising. There’s nothing sexier than a good girl on male fight <3