Pet Dog & Studio Apartment

Type: Manga

Artist: dotsuco

Genre: Bondage, Blindfolded, Blackmail, Reverse Rape, Tomboy

Language: English

Pages: 21

File Size: 10 MB

Our protagonist finds a girl in an ally-way that looked like she needed help from a sketchy guy. He intervenes, and the guy backs off. Little did he know, the girl he “saved” is one crazy dom, that will do everything she can to make him her new pet. After inevitably getting kidnapped, he is at the mercy of her in bondage. The question is, what happens next?

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7 months ago

Thank you very much for sharing this, sweet suffering was amazing and i could not wait for more works from dotsuco.

7 months ago

To anyone wondering, the Discord server got hacked by a disgusting NFT shill, DO NOT JOIN OR YOU RISK GETTING HACKED TOO.

hopefully hemdom can fix this soon.

A visitor
A visitor
7 months ago

I hope this work will get a sequel, it was good.