I want to distort my boyfriend’s sexuality at every opportunity! ~Your moaning is still not enough~!

Type: Manga

Artist: meeko

Genre: Romantic, Multiple Orgasms, Footjob, Sex Toys, Submissive Male

Language: English

Pages: 79

File Size: 30 MB

Tag along in this slice of life between two university students, Yuu-kun and Sakurai. They’ve known each other since early childhood. Yuu-kun is a shy boy, who gets super red when embarrassed, while Sakurai is confident and motherly. Both of them get along quite well, despite their differences. They eventually end up in a relationship, and their sex scenes are full of gentle femdom. The first part of the doujin focuses on blowjobs specifically, while the second part goes into full-blown sex, with some toys 😉

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Quite Frankly
Quite Frankly
1 year ago