Horemonogatari | A Love Story

Type: Manga

Genre: Bondage, Blindfold, Cunnilingus, Cum Eating, Tsundere, Worship

Language: English

Pages: 18

File Size: 10 MB

In this doujin, our protagonist finally get to do it with the girl of his dreams! However, there is one condition… He must wear a blind fold, with his hands tied behind his back. She’s a little bit shy, but enjoys being in control. During their session, she asks him to do pretty humiliating things; like swallowing her salivia and eating his own cum… so it might not appeal for all. If you’re into that kind of thing, this is for you!

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1 year ago

Incredible, love what she makes him do, more like this please if you can find it!

1 year ago

Honestly, it’s just nice to see some cunnilingus. Who cares about the rest?