A Powerful Succubus That Just Wants To Satisfy Your Sexual Desires 3

Type: Manga

Genre: Mind Break, Futanari, Fingering, Reverse Gangbang, Hypnosis

Language: English

Pages: 78

File Size: 15 MB

The village is still being invaded, but reinforcements from the capital have arrived. Leading the counter attack is a knight named Erica. She splits up with her platoon and decides to battle a lone succubi, one on one. An intense battle begins, and there can only be one winner. I wonder who will be victorious?

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1 year ago

This series is good, but I was kind of hoping for less lesbian sex more male hero’s becoming corrupted with sex by them. Could we also see more deaths? Like minor hero deaths who get fully drained by Succubus? Until then this is rated 7/10 for me.