Bokkosei Joshi

Type: Manga

Artist: Excessm

Genre: Reverse Gangbang, Mature Women, Ass & Breast Smothering, Teasing

Language: English

Pages: 23

File Size: 5 MB

Something strange is going on at this restaurant. For some reason, all the girls in this place have the same face. It’s so bizarre, that one guy ends up taking a picture to show his friends. One of the girls notice, and rumor spreads pretty quickly that he is a pervert! It’s a misunderstanding, but he doesn’t get a chance to explain. He is quickly surrounded by them, and argues on how to punish this pervert! Soon, he will discover that the girls also have the same sadistic personalities, tits and ass!

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12 days ago

I guess Excess is starting to make fun of his own art style.

Le Gourmet
Le Gourmet
Reply to  Harija
10 days ago

Started ?
No he made this long before he started to make games.

Reply to  Le Gourmet
9 days ago

“Make fun of”, not “make”…

9 days ago

I thought I recognized this art style *Downloading intensifies*