My First Cuckold Masochist Training 6

Type: Manga

Genre: Threesome, Strap-on, Cheating, Cum eating, Cuckold, Chastity

Language: English

Pages: 63

Part 1: Your wife has these two friends that have been bugging you. They recently found out that you’re still a virgin, and have a small penis. They keep telling your wife to let you out of chastity, but she doesn’t want to. So one day when your wife was out, they decide to take it for themselves!

Part 2: Your friend wants you to try out this secret club where you pay to have sex. Once you get there, you see a beautiful lady! However, there is another guy, butt-ass naked in chastity, holding a camera. What the heck did I just walk into? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t say the protagonist does any sort of maledom throughout the doujin. Since he’s very inexperienced, the girl takes the lead in every scene. You’ll see how apologetic he becomes when messing up! 

Only the second part of the doujin is Cuckold!
The first part is cheating with your wife’s best friends against your will. (Chastity + Strap-on)

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4 months ago

Oh no bro.
This is on the same level as that penis cutting game on the site.

Reply to  Anon
4 months ago

Same Bro

4 months ago

From the description the first manga sounds like good clean reverse-r*pe. Only the second one contains the dreaded NTR.

4 months ago
Overall Rating :

first part is good femdom, second part is trash.