Anally Developed by my Niece

Type: Manga

Genre: Yuri, Ass Licking, Fingering, Nipple Play, Incest

Language: English

Pages: 19

Ehohin is back with another doujin, very similar to his previous work. Expect to see some more full color lesbian domination, ass licking, fingering and non-stop teasing!

In this doujin, you have a niece that has been relying on your help for homework. One day, she ends up coming into the room at the wrong time, as she finds you fingering your butt for pleasure! You try your best to cover up with an excuse, but it’s no use.

No need to worry though, because your niece is a bigger pervert than you. In fact, she wants to join your sessions from now on. Soon enough, you’ll be completely in her control while feeling pleasures never felt before!

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1 year ago

Best title ever.