Female Molester Train Chapter 1 + 2

Type: Manga

Genre: Blackmail, Gangbang, Public Sex, Amazon Position, Feet, Golden Shower, Bondage

Language: English

Pages: 48

Chapter 1: In this manga, our protagonist thinks it’s okay to take upskirt pictures of women on the train. Why exactly? All of the women are just too good looking of course. It would be such a waste not to! Thankfully, his worst nightmare ended up coming true. One of the ladies caught him in the act, took a photo and shared it with her friends. In no time, all the girls knew he was a pervert. You’d think at this point they would report it to the police… nope! They decide to use the photos to their advantage. From that day on, multiple girls approach him on the train each morning and unless he follows their commands, they’ll tell the whole world your secret! I wonder what they plan to do with you 😉

Chapter 2: Two young men board a train they’re not supposed to. It’s a female only train, so they stand out very quickly. When the train starts to move, the girls quickly grab ahold of them and take advantage of the situation! More and more people end up cumming coming on the train at each stop. CEOs, presidents, rich people, teachers and even police officers end up cumming coming on the train! All of them of course, quickly becoming dominated by how much they’re outnumbered from the sadistic train girls!

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3 years ago

Unrelated to the post but I was having a terrible day but I saw the “Love u <3” and it cheered me up. Thanks for keeping the site up 🙂

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
Reply to  Kenver
3 years ago

I hope your past few days have been better, There is nothing like an I love you to fill the heart with warmth. Aside from that, the next best thing can be spending time with friends and family. Perhaps paying them a visit would be a good idea for you.

3 years ago

Woah this looks hot amazon position is best in my opinion 😍