What are you made of?

What are you made of? hentai

Type: Manga

Genre: Gender Bender, Cross Dressing, Mind Break, Yandere,

Language: English

Pages: 29

Oh man, this doujin is something else. In fact, the photos above don’t quite capture exactly what is going on here. If you can’t already tell from the tags, it’s pretty hardcore. So if you don’t like this doujin, I understand. You just haven’t reached this level of degeneracy yet.

Basically, the main character (Mizuki) is having a gender bending problem. At the beginning, Mizuki is a girl and asks for advice from a childhood friend (Mei-chan). She asked how to masturbate. Now… most people would probably be weirded out but not Mei-chan. Mei-chan has a weird thing going on with her brother, so she has a lot of sexual experience. Couldn’t of picked a better person!

Their masturbation training session goes wrong when Mizuki randomly turns back into a guy. Since there was so much sexual tension in the air, they end up fucking. It was kind of forceful, and it had a weird aftercare moment, but the scenes are great. Expect to see some huge levels of euphoria from both of them. Mei-chan was giving off some yandere energy!

Overall, this doujin is very weird, but good. I laughed a couple times throughout. Some of them were from the jokes but other times just from how bizarre it is. Give it a shot, I’d love to hear your own opinions on it.

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