Marie-sama no Sankakujime

Marie-sama no Sankakujime

Type: Manga

Genre: Thick Thighs, Teasing, Multiple Orgasms, Size Difference

Language: English

Pages: 26

Being a photographer for models is hard, especially when your a massive pervert and all you can think about is thick thighs! One day he bursts, asking the most beautiful girls for lewd pictures. Of course, they all said “ew no gtfo pervert” except for one girl.

Nobody has ever simped that hard for her before. Young and horny herself, she allows him to get a piece of her thick thighs, but under her complete control. He is now her toy, and the fun doesn’t stop until she’s satisfied.

If you enjoy this manga, I highly recommend checking out Otogawa-san and The Manager Between Her Thighs. It is a little bit more gentle, if you this one to be too hardcore lol

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