Test Of Courage

Test Of Courage

Type: Manga

Genre: Gangbang, Feet, Facesitting, School Girls, Nipple Tease, Bondage, Multiple Orgasms

Language: English

Pages: 29

The main character of this story has a unique ability to see spirits. It hasn’t really been going well for him though because he’s haunted by a horny one. After “getting to know” each other, she asks him to go to an abandoned school to meet her other spirit friends.

Well, this abandoned school has an urban legend where everyone who’s tried to enter has never come back. He’s terrified, and rightfully so! To show that he’s friendly, he decides to show up completely naked and handcuffed. Brilliant! I wonder how the spirits will respond to this… 🙂

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Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
1 year ago

I gave this manga a read a few months ago and it was great. This large poltergeist of girls quickly notice our MC and put him into all sorts of fun positions to enjoy him before the sun comes up. I suggest giving this a read even more given that it is now Halloween season 🙂