Shitsuke no Tebiki

Shitsuke no Tebiki

Type: Manga

Genre: Threesome, Pet Play, Golden Shower, Chastity, Anal

Language: English

Pages: 18

Ahhh… the girls’ locker room, the holy grail for perverts in anime. They must get their dose of panties, or they’ll go insane. If you get caught in real life, you’ll be in some serious trouble; but this is hentai. Only good things happen when you get caught, and that’s exactly what happens to our protagonist!

Two girls catch him masturbating with their uniforms. Of course he gets called a pervert, and is completely humiliated. To avoid getting expelled, he is under their control and will do anything they want. Luckily, they don’t want him to do their homework. Instead, he will become their personal sex toy! He is now their dog. They completely degrade and humiliate him throughout the whole manga. Not only is the art fantastic with a variety of fetishes, but the dirty talk is good too! Highly recommended for those who like school girls, orgasm denial and pet play.

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