If It’s For Medical Use, Then It’s Okay!

If It's For Medical Use, Then It's Okay!

Type: Manga

Genre: Nurse, Anal Play, Cunnilingus, Comedy, Threesome

Language: English

Pages: 22

Not sure how, but the main character ends up in a hospital and doesn’t want to leave. Why exactly? Well he doesn’t want to admit it, but he can’t stop staring at the nurses’ ?. There is a lot of cake back there, you can’t blame him. The only way he’ll be able to stay is if he gets another injury. Self-harm isn’t the way to go, so the nurses come up with a better idea! Let’s just say, they have a lot of fun in the process… ?

Not only does this manga have really great artwork and sex scenes, it also has great comedy. I actually laughed a couple of times while reading. Highly recommended!

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