Self Chikan

Type: Manga

Genre: Blackmail, Public Sex, Gangbang, Fingering,

Language: English

Pages: 22

You get on the train to work, living an average life, paycheck to paycheck. Nothing too interesting has been going on in your world.?

The train starts to get crowded and a hot schoolgirl stands in front of you. She grabs your hand, sliding it down her panties. What the heck does she think she’s doing ?! Well, she wants you to make her cum before her stop. If you don’t, she will scream and say you molested her. Better start moving those fingers! ?

The next time you get on the train, she brings her friends along. Luckily, they are as freaky as she is ?. This time you won’t just be fingering. They want to step up their game and do things to you too! They are really sadistic, enjoy humiliating you and having sex in public. It starts to become a tradition every morning. Hopefully you don’t get caught! ?

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2 years ago