Seduced By The Witch In The Forest

Type: Manga

Genre: Shota, Monster Girl, Gangbang, Mind Break, Cheating

Language: English

Pages: 41

Deep in the forest near his village, it is widly believed that a witch living there. Whoever encounters her, ends up never coming back home. Nobody knows what happens to them or what she does. However, a young boy is about to find out!

On his way home, he falls into a ditch and loses his way. There is no time to waste. He cant stop thinking of his crush. He plans on asking her out as soon as he gets back! Trying to find the route, he comes across something that caught his eye. A beautiful mature woman taking a bath in the river! As a perverted boy he is, it would be a shame to not get a quick peek. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

However, this is the last person he wants to spy on! It turned out to be the witch, and she plans to take advantage of him! Will he stay pure, resist and go back to his crush… or will he succumb to her beautiful body?!

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2 years ago

This was wonderful, had such fun with this last night that I dreamt about her. In particular having three separate pages for each ‘fabric’ she would morph into was such an amazing detail, I loved leather the most and listened to some leather gloves ear massage ASMR while enjoying it was the perfect combo.