Love You as Kill You

Love You as Kill You hentai
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Type: Manga

Genre: Yandere, Mind Break, Netorare, Bondage, Trampling, Reverse Rape

Language: English

Pages: 24

Yea… this one is pretty intense. Of course all of you know Tora from My Hero Academia. She’s definetly one of the crazier villains. Which is why I’m not surprised she is a yandere in this one.

Tora ends up capturing the UA students on what seems to be a cruise ship. However, it mostly focuses on Tora dominating her crush; Midoriya. She didn’t pull out her knife in this doujin (thank god) but she did get nice and personal with him.

There is a couple of scenes that may really turn you on or off. Expect to see some cuckolding, reverse rape, mind break and Midoriya getting beat up while having sex. Weird I know… but hey. Give it a shot, you’ll probably like it anyway you filthy pervert!

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