Koukai Benjo Episode 2

Type: Movie

Genre: Femdom, Bondage, Reverse Rape, Threesome (FFm), Blowjob, Forced Orgasms, Handjob, Multiple Orgasms, Sex Toys, NTR

(WARNING: Also contains Gang Rape (Multiple M/f), Watersports, Forced Male-on-Male Fellatio)

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

Welcome to a school where every month, a student is made into a Koukai Benjo (Public Comfort Station/ Public Toilet) to be used by the rest of the student body. Not even the Student Council President is safe from this custom (See Episode 1).

Both Takamine Chika and Ryou are students in this academy and are also a couple. In their private life, they also happen to be a little kinky, with Chika acting as the Mistress and making Ryou her personal toy. One day, they decided to try a little public play and to have Chika act out as the month’s Public Comfort Station for Ryou to use. It was supposed to be a risky yet simple plan, with Ryou taking “revenge” over Chika in this one-off roleplay. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

While Chika prepares herself in the public restroom for Ryou, a nefarious plan is about hatch involving both of them. Firstly, while Ryou is rushing towards Chika to play with her, he will be intercepted and taken away by two girls with special plans for him. Plans to play with him, melt his mind with pleasure and turn him into their own personal sex-slave.

Meanwhile, with Ryou out of the way, Chika is left alone and vulnerable against the rest of the school’s male population who will target Chika and force themselves onto her as their school’s new Public Comfort Station. How will Chika and Ryou get through with this?

WARNING: This hentai is split into roughly 2 parts, one involving Ryou’s sexual torture (the femdom section) and Chika’s ordeal as the Public Comfort Station (the public gang rape section). Some of the things Chika encounters can be a bit extreme and the tags are stated above. Discretion is advised.

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2 years ago

This site is going in my favorites. Also having a problem downloading games, it seems that google is preventing me due to certain security. I tried changing it, but no use. Wondering if there is another method hmm.

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