Type: Image Pack

Focused Genres: Footjobs, Feet Licking, Trampling and features Yuri content

Image Amount: 68

File Size: 340 MB

AllFs3D is a niche animator that focuses purely on (you guessed it) feet! He’s come a long way since he’s first started . After taking a look at his old content, he focused on vanilla porn. Nothing against vanilla porn, but once you start exploring femdom, you’ll never go back! It seems like that’s what happened to AllFs because he’s taken a fond of worshiping feet only! Which is an absolute treasure because high quality femdom feet animations are rare.

You would think that you’d run out of angles or scenes when only focusing on feet but each animation feels unique and fresh. The image pack is split into multiple folders, showing specific fetishes like feet licking, trampling, footjobs, and more!

Offtopic: I’d like to mention something about AllFs3D that no ones been able to figure out. It’s the meaning of his name. You’d think that id be something like “All Feets Land 3D” but it’s not. I’ve been trying to figure it out on his discord for months with no luck. Feel free to join his discord server and try to figure out yourself in the #ask-allfs channel lol

The file type for each video is .webm (very similar to mp4). However, just like gifs, you can loop them. When playing the video, look for your media player’s options and select the “loop” or “repeat” option.

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Nest Saryn
Nest Saryn
2 years ago

You Sir are a God’s blessing to the community.
I have seen his content before, but finding these so properly collated on one platform is such a treat!

2 years ago

Feet has always been my fetish for as long as i can remember and thank god you’re giving Allsfd3D exposure. He’s the best foot animator out there