Type: Image Pack

Focused Genres: Cunnilingus

Image Amount: 43

File Size: 21 MB

One of the reasons why I got into femdom was because of cunnilingus. It’s just… amazing! I mean, when a girl is grinding on a sub’s face, how could you not feel turned on?!

However, it’s not easy to come across good cunnilingus scenes. Most of them try to make it as maledom as possible. No! That’s not what we’re looking for! We want a bossy girl to make you beg for it.

To solve my thirst, I searched far and wide to find an artist that created some high quality cunnilingus art. I’m proud to say ladies and gentlemen, we found him!

He goes by many names, but “Brothatslewd” is his NSFW persona. After looking at some of his artwork, I can see that licking pussy is something he really enjoys as well. 😉 I was lucky enough to get him to participate in this image pack and give us some goodies for free! I highly reccomend checking him out on twitter too – to keep updated on his latest lewd content that might not be updated here yet.

Enjoy you perverts

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2 years ago

Am…am i the only one who doesn’t like this cling thing.

Reply to  Anon
2 years ago

Probably not, I think in my case it’s situational.