Riri’s Hypnotic Seduction

Type: Manga

Genre: Yuri, Mind Control, Multiple Orgasms, Nipple Stimulation, Fingering Oral Sex

Language: English

Pages: 34

A group of friends are working to create a song for a show next year. Among them are two best friends, Riko and Yohane. However, Riko has been quite cold towards Yohane as of late. She tried to confront her about this but Riko quickly dodges the question. In order to get back at her now distant friend, she devises a fiendish plan. She creates a hypnotic ASMR recording of her voice, this will allow her to gain complete control of Riko’s mind.

The next day, Yohane asks Riko if she’ll listen to a “melody” she made last night. Before long, the hypnotic properties of the recording begin to take effect. She is soon giving Yohane her undivided attention. Triumphantly, she tells Riko to pledge allegiance to her and to entirely devote herself to Yohane. However, the entranced Riko seems to take these instructions quite literally. She begins to passionately kiss her, much to her friend’s surprise. This quickly escalates as Riko begins to suckle on her breasts and massage her nipples.

In a ironic twist of fate, Yohane is unable to resist the single minded advances of her friend. Riko licks all over her body until she reaches her womanhood. Yohane is now completely powerless and can only writhe in pleasure as her friend’s skilled tongue and nimble fingers bring her to multiple orgasms, as they lock in a passionate embrace.

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