Love x Holic Miwaku no Otome Episode 2

Type: Movie

Genre: Femdom, Monster Girl, Reverse Rape, Blowjob, Forced Orgasms, Handjob, Multiple Orgasms, Threesome

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

Amano Taichi is back, and trying to come to grips with his recent “awakening essence” that drives demi-girls crazy. Soon enough, his crush, Kijou, approaches him for some of his…essence. She tries to maintain a cool air of her, which causes a little confusion to Amano as to whether or not she actually wants him or not. Looks like he’ll have to experience it himself to find out.

And with his unexpected harem suddenly growing out of nowhere, Amano has no idea how he willl cope with the increased requests for him. One day, he suddenly receives a mysterious letter ordering him to come alone at night to a secret rendezvous. What will he be facing alone this time, and will he be able to decide which girl to stay with?

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1 year ago


10 months ago

good job!