Kari no Ojikan San

Type: Manga

Genre: Big Boobs, Blackmail, Edging, Manga, Monster Girl, Multiple Orgasms, Shota, Student, Submissive

Language: English

Pages: 18

The story begins with a young pupil finishing his studies for the day, while preparing to train with a mouse girl named Nazrin. Once the schoolwork is complete, he is led outside by the teacher to train with Nazrin. After being teased by her tail in front of the oblivious instructor, the student is whisked away to a small room to ease his flushed face. Soon Nazrin’s mouse tail becomes a makeshift strap-on as she begins to insert it slowly inside him while edging his member. Nazrin soon realizes there is much training to do on the new pupil!

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2 years ago

is it just me or does the mc look like kris from deltarune