Dorei Sensei

Type: Manga

Genre: Students, Orgasm Denial, Teasing, Gangbang, Blackmail, Strap-on, Ass licking, Public Sex

Language: English

Pages: 74

In an all girl school, there is only one male. He’s a teacher that’s struggling to get his students to pay attention. Their grades are low, and they don’t give a crap about what he has to teach. However, there is one girl that is interested, but not in the way you think! She’s not into his wisdom, god no… She’s more interested in his sexual life. She’s curious on if he’s still a virgin and whether or not she could take it!

She’s very charismatic and persistent. It slowly breaks down his authority and eventually makes him gives in. She’s in control now, and the teacher is now her little pet. He realizes that he never was meant to be a teacher, he’s a lot better at being a slave!

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3 years ago

that was awesome

3 years ago

Love it!