Type: Manga

Genre: Big Boobs, Futanari, Gangebang, Mange, Multiple Orgasms, Teasing

Language: English

Pages: 14

Homura begins by introducing us to his three mistresses and their insatiable lust for a personal cumdumpster. A price to pay for living in their cursed house. After he is brutally used as a ‘pre meal exercise‘ by Yachika and Rikana, he is left alone to make them breakfast and tend to the days chores.

Later that night, he gets suprised by a special visit from his youngest sister, Mia. She never gets any alone time with the shared toy. With her inexperience, she tries her best to emulate the power and movements her sisters earlier in the day.

Once her session comes to an end, she realizes the other sisters discovered their private “session”. Their cute toy had lied to them about being tired, causing another sleepless night in the haunted happy harem.

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