JKxDS – DS Dev Club

JKxDS - DS Dev Club

Type: Video Game

Genre: Shota, Reverse Rape, Gangbang, School

Language: Japanese

File Size: 230 MB

Click here if your runn

One day, three older girls we’re just hanging out until one of them had an idea.

“How about we go to our old school and reverse rape a shota?”

Big Booby Oneesan #1

That is the greatest idea I’ve ever heard! It’ll help develop the sexuality of virgin boys.

Big Booby Oneesan #2

They sneak into the school during recess, and lure their innocent shota into the classroom.

If only he knew what was coming next!

ADOBE AIR needs to be installed to play this game!

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1 year ago

hello HEMDOM I want to know some game with mosaic so I would like to know if there is a software to remove the mosaic or a patch for this game.

Is there a new version of this game? Use our to let us know!