Soukyuu ni Hameru Oujo to FUTADOON

Type: Manga

Genre: Gangbang, Futanari, Anal, Oral, Multiple Orgasms, Mind Break, Incest, Ahegao

Language: English

Pages: 35

Homura and his friends are exploring an old mansion when the girls are suddenly separated from the boys. Unable to find them, he retires to a bedroom and quickly falls asleep. However, this mansion has been plaguing him with strange dreams ever since they arrived.

He dreams about his younger sister who has inexplicably grown a dick. She tells her brother that the only way to cure her condition is to have anal sex. Homura is reluctant at first, but he is easily overpowered by his sister. Once she cums inside him, her dick disappears without a trace. The dream is cut short after he is woken up by his friend. They found the girls.

However, all is not well. They have been afflicted by the same condition as Homura’s sister. He tells the girls how to cure their condition and their raging sex drives soon take over. The guys are hesitant at first, but they are eager to please the girls that they adore. They start by giving them blowjobs, although this quickly escalates to anal. As the girls pound their asses, pain quickly becomes pleasure as their bodies and minds are overwhelmed by the sensations. This quickly devolves into an orgy and a flood of semen. Despite this, the girl’s cocks have not disappeared. Fortunately for them, the boys have become willing slaves to their desires and they fully accept them, penis and all.

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