Lilith’s Cord

Type: Manga

Genre: Multiple Fetishes (check tags)

Language: English

Pages: 700+

Most people commonly believe that humans are the descendants of Adam and Eve. But…there lives a small number of people that are not. These are the descendants of Lilith…the first Eve. With unmatched powers and tastes like no other, they prosper by sucking the life out of humans. But there’s one human, unlike others, that has a high resistance of being conquered!

This WEBTOON focuses on Lilith and a boy name Do-Hyun, it all goes down when DoHyun encounters a succubus, who ends up reverse raping him and tries to rob him of his life force. From then on his normal life ends. 

I highly recommend this to fans of Sadistic Beauty. It has a lot of similarities, like art style and character personalities. While also being different with a unique story and supernatural events.

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3 years ago

i LOVE WORK LIKE THIS!!! please recommend more in the future if you find anything similar!!!

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
1 year ago

I am going to read this as soon as I finish Sadistic beauty. With that as it’s inspiration and the lore of succubi this is bound to be a good manga.

3 months ago

File not found, link dead