St. Gloriana Girl’s Lewd Tea Time

Type: Manga

Genre: Gangbang, Feet, Reverse Rape, Drugged, Multiple Orgams, Teasing

Language: English

Pages: 26

One day, a man is invited to St. Gloriana Girl’s Academy. It is a rich, refined school with well groomed, privileged students. They specialize in making tea and cakes, which apparently is so good that they even eat it during battle! However, since it’s an all girl school, something just doesn’t feel right about a male being there. Our protagonist thinks nothing of it and will put him in a sticky situation later on.

While enjoying his stay, the girls offer him tea. It tasted absolutely amazing! Little did he know, the tea was filled with a mixture of paralysis and aphrodisiac ingredients! Within seconds, he falls to the ground. Unable to move, all he can do is watch while they absolutely dominate him until their satisfied.

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