Let Me Bark For You Ch. 1-3

Type: Manga

Genre: Feet, Romantic, Teasing, Submissive

Language: English

Pages: 93

The student council president is an absolute beauty. Her name is Youko Kurusu. She was born into a family with great wealth and is very popular in school. Our main character has a massive crush on her and joins the student council in hopes to get closer. Little did he know, she is a sadist who likes to take advantage of new members!

One day she calls him into the office, accusing him of spending over the school budget. She says that the only way she will forgive him, is if he licks her feet. After being put under enormous pressure, he has a decision to make. The only chance of him getting closer to her, is to obey her commands! Will he do it? And if he does, what will it lead to?

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2 years ago

Best manga for me and really appreciate your efforts sir.