Twins Harassment

Type: Manga

Genre: Blackmail, Incest, Gangbang, Public Sex, Feet, Facesitting

Language: English

Pages: 22

Haruna and Haruka wake up their cousin after a long night of sleep with a footjob and some facesitting! They begin to tease him while going through his photographs and found a special crush named Houjou Saeri. In exchange for keeping his crush a secret, they were free to use their cousin however they wanted. Which is how he wound up being their new “boy toy alarm.” After waking up to footjob cumshot, they all rush to catch the train before they were late. In the process, Harun and Haruka share their cousin in front of everyone! While trying to keep quiet, he fills the twins up with fairly good amounts of cum for a teenage boy. After that, he rushes to class after they hand him his lunch, a good reward for his hard work. Though, the girl’s lust is not satisfied and they are left on the train waiting for another vict-… I mean… fine person to come along to fulfill there passionate desires. 😉

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