EgoS to S

Type: Manga
Genre: Bondage, Anal, Pegging, CBT, Choking
Language: English
Pages: 21

Reika is a professional dominatrix who loves to spend time with her favorite sub. The sub is a willing victim to Reika’s sadistic ways, as he experiences complete euphoria from her treatment. However, he notices that her style of punishment has changed ever since she started competing with a rival domme. Reika began to push the sub’s boundaries until he reached his breaking point. The sub reluctantly left Reika’s service. After the loss of her favorite sub, she began to realize that she took the rivalry too far and that there was no need to change herself for the sake of competition. She then reached out to her favorite sub, determined to try again. This time she was going to domme her way, the Reika way. This manga is a worthy read for any hardcore femdom lovers!

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