Namanaka Hyaku Percent! 1

Type: Movie
Genre: Bondage, Big Boobs, Reverse Rape, Teasing,
Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)
Tinder, as most people know, is an app that allows one to match with their potential candidates, based on location, mutual friends, and common interests. However, remove the app element, and replace it with tied colored shoelaces (i.e. ‘Shinpa’). What you are doing now, is literally telling the world, “Hey! I’ve got this sexual fetish, you also have this sexual fetish. Let’s fuck!” This is the world our protagonist, Touya, lives in! He got bored of using the same shoelace, so he decides to try something new. He bought another one but he wasn’t really sure what the color meant. Little did he know, the new shoelace around his wrist was saying he was a masochist… and it attracted a lot of lustful doms his way!

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