Secret Journey

Type: Movie

Genre: Reverse Rape, Shota, Bandits, Captured, Orgy, Teasing

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)


A young monk travels to India on a spiritual journey. He comes across an imprisoned female demon whose pussy has been sealed shut as punishment for sexual debauchery! Being the good-natured kid he is, he decides to set her free… along with his monkhood.

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2 years ago

none of the downloads work

Landon mcmillian
Landon mcmillian
1 year ago
Overall Rating :

I Give it 3 star for the opening but the rest lose me When well I want to see kinky outfit and femdom sadly there no real Bandits here but still art is nice Just wish it have more bondage and sexy outfit then Soft love story But that my feel for it.